Denturist Keswick

Denturist Keswick

Denturist Keswick

Where do I find a Denturist in Keswick?

Keswick Dental Centre has a denturist on duty.  A denturist specializes in providing denture services directly to patients.  A denturist examines patients who want dentures.  An examination is done.  Impressions are created.   The impressions are then used to design and create dentures. 

What is a Denturist?

A denturist in the US or Canada is known by different titles depending on their country.  In the United Kingdom, they are called clinical dental technologists.  In Australia, they are dental prosthetists.  No matter their specific title, a denturist is an important member of the oral healthcare team, providing oral examinations, making treatment plans, and fitting patients with dentures. 

Specific training for a denturist varies from state to state, but all denturists are required to pass an exam to become certified.  A denturist works with an entire dental team to provide appropriate manufacture and management of dentures and other oral appliances. 

Denturists allow for more cost-effective denture services by providing on-site labs and manufacturing, but they do not provide oral health examinations or cleanings.  The cost savings and faster service is the reason that the dentists work alongside a denturist at Keswick Dental Centre.  Regular dental visits with a certified dentist are still required for a healthy mouth. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures are one option for replacing missing teeth.  Dentures are custom-made and can be removed from your mouth.  Modern updates in manufacturing make today’s dentures feel more comfortable and look more natural than ones in the past. 

Dentures replace a few missing teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth.  Partial dentures fill in gaps between remaining teeth, and full dentures will replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth (or both). 

Replacing lost teeth not only improves your smile.  It improves the look of your entire face.  Missing teeth cause the jaw to lose bone density over time, sinking in the cheeks.  Dentures help stimulate the jawbones to maintain and, in some cases, rebuild the bone structure, supporting the muscle structure of the face.   

How Do I Care For My Dentures?

Our denturist or our dentists will help you with denture fitting and care.  Caring your dentures is almost the same as caring for your natural teeth.  Dentures need to be cleaned daily by removing them and brushing with a special brush and a gentle cleanser.  Regular toothpaste will scratch dentures.  Another option is to soak them overnight.  Cleaning should always be done after removal from the mouth, and you should be very careful not to drop them while cleaning to avoid chipping or cracking.  If any damage is sustained to your dentures, you should see your dentist or denturist immediately. 

Never let your dentures dry out.  They should be soaked in a cleaning solution or plain water when not wearing them.  Also, never use hot water for cleaning or soaking to avoid possible warping.  The damage could be irreversible. 

To schedule a meeting with the denturist at Keswick Dental Centre, call today. 

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